Help to buy – the reality isn’t pretty

“One in four people who benefited from the Government’s flagship Help to Buy scheme earned more than double the average wage, figures reveal.

The scheme was designed to help low income households get on the housing ladder but as the Government prepares to close it at the end of the year, the latest statistics have laid bare its failure to meet its objectives.
Nearly 3,500 households earning more than £100,000 benefited from the taxpayer-funded scheme.

And one in five Help to Buy homes even went to people who already owned a property.

Out of the 100,284 completed purchases since Help to Buy launched in 2013, 22,743 went to households earning more than £60,000 a year – more than double the average salary in the UK, which currently stands at £26,500. …

One thought on “Help to buy – the reality isn’t pretty

  1. Tories helping the rich get richer using our money – AGAIN!!!!!

    (And I say this as someone pretty well off who would be ashamed of even considering to apply for state handouts like Help to Buy when there are people struggling to stay warm or put food on the table who can’t get them however desperate their circumstances.)


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