Lamest resignation excuse of 2016!


“One of Jeremy Corbyn’s most persistent critics is to quit as a Labour MP and take a job in the nuclear industry, triggering a three-way fight for his marginal northern seat with the Conservatives and Ukip.

Jamie Reed, the MP for Copeland in west Cumbria since 2005, told the Guardian he was resigning because he believed he could achieve more for his community in his new job, working for the nuclear processing site Sellafield, than on the backbenches.”

Translation?: I am being offered shedloads of money in my new job and so stuff you lot!

One thought on “Lamest resignation excuse of 2016!

  1. He was right – being as he is obviously a waste of space as an MP, by quitting as an MP and making space for someone better he indeed achieving more for his community in his new job than on the back benches.

    Brilliant – an MP who actually speaks the truth (even if he didn’t mean it that way).


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