Budleigh Salterton “Health Hub” – the “hospital” with no beds

A commentary moved to post:

So the Budleigh Hospital opens as a Hub – the first hospital in Devon to have no beds.

“A Hub, according to its website, is a term used to describe a place where many different services and organisations are based. This usually has a focus on a building, but can be virtual – internet or literature based.” [I don’t think they mean Jane Austen – just bumf].

“[At the Budleigh “health hub”] It is anticipated that a range of activities, such as arts, sport, dances and other social events will provide opportunities for people to socialise. There will also be an internet café, public WiFi and cinema space screening educational productions as well as films.”

“Staff at the centre will be able to refer people onto other services if required, meaning that waiting times are reduced, and you will be able to access support as and when you need it.”

According to the Oxford Dictionary a hospital is an institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for ill or injured people. Welcome to the brave new post truth world where words mean what you choose them to mean (Alice in Wonderland). [I bet “access support” doesn’t mean what you think either].

Oh and another thing – the Friends are reported to be donating c. £200K to pay the rent to NHS Property Services (a private limited company currently 100% owned by the S of S for Health) who are now charging economic rents for the property. But remember where this property came from. The Budleigh Hospital, like many others, started as a charity but was absorbed into the NHS in 1948. Looks like donors are having to pay twice over!

2 thoughts on “Budleigh Salterton “Health Hub” – the “hospital” with no beds

  1. Pete – I think it is only literally one or two services that are opening at this point, as stated at the LoF AGM.
    So far from being a ‘hub’ they ought to describe it as what it is – a building in occasional use for a small number of services. Their press release certainly give the impression of an open building where you can go for all manner of things and leave healthful and socialised!
    As an observation, ‘hubs’ are a bit of a ‘LEAN’/austerity buzzword. Put all services in one place. Call it a hub, sounds progressive. Staff get overworked as stretched across a range of services. The HE sector has pounced on the idea massively and likes to frame it as good for ‘the student experience’, a more critical person may say it is good for their cost cutting, by merging roles, losing staff, and overworking those ‘lucky’ enough to keep their job (plus at least 0.5 of someone elses).


  2. The last time I attempted visited ‘The Hub!’ (Aug 2016) the doors were barred and the gates locked. The building was totally empty. I contacted (after a lot of unanswered called etc.) the current Managers and they were unable to say when if ever this Hub would open. Budleight Salterton Hospital then is closed and totally out of use at the present time.


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