Devolution deal quashed as people not consulted on whether they wanted it!

Surely this applies to Devon and Somerset where NONE OF US have been asked if we want it?

“A consultation on whether to expand the Sheffield City Region to include the Chesterfield area has been ruled unlawful by the High Court.

The judicial review was brought by Derbyshire County Council, which objects to the inclusion of Chesterfield – which lies within its administrative area – being included in the Sheffield City Region.

Mr Justice Ouseley ruled that the consultation failed to ask local people a direct question about whether or not they believed Chesterfield should become part of the Sheffield City Region. The judge said that this made the consultation unlawful and unfair and said that Sheffield City Region had provided no reasonable justification as to why it had not included such an obvious and fundamental question in the questionnaire.

The judgment does not quash the Sheffield City Region’s devolution consultation but further consultation is required before it can be considered by the Secretary of State. …”