Greendale business family accused of neglecting city centre pub

“A year has passed since a long-standing pub in Exeter city centre closed its doors. But the mystery continues as to the future of it.

The Mint on Fore Street has been shut since New Year’s Eve 2015, and has remained closed ever since, despite plans to reopen ‘soon’. …

… Owners Greendale Leisure Ltd, based at Woodbury Salterton, have remained tight-lipped about their plans for the venue.

It was initially thought that the pub closed over ‘management issues’.

David O’Callaghan, of Gentry barber shop, said: “There have been all sorts of rumours, but no one is any the wiser.

“We have seen people taking out pumps, coolers, chilling units, the fruit machine and pool table. So maybe they aren’t going to keep it as a pub.

It’s an eyesore, and I’m concerned squatters are going to get in there.”

Business must be going well for the Carter family if they can afford to leave a city centre property empty for a long period.