Our NHS? Well, no, it is now their private NHS

“One of Britain’s most famous NHS hospitals is on course to get as much, if not more, money from private patients, charities and commercial activities as it does from the NHS.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London will earn 45% of its income from private patients and other non-NHS sources this financial year and is about to embark on a drive to raise its income from paying patients from £90m to £100m.

Other NHS trusts on the same path include Great Ormond Street, also in London, which received almost a quarter of its income from non-NHS sources last year. It is seeking a “step change in private patient activity”, according to its latest operating plan….”


One thought on “Our NHS? Well, no, it is now their private NHS

  1. It will become like dentistry – 95% private and the NHS part run on the cheap in the corner, at a very basic level.


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