“Exmouth Creative Group” and EDDC – curioser and curioser

In The Exmouth Journal today an EDDC spokesperson said they are not aware of the Exmouth Creative Group or this group having been approached. Readers will recall that it was recently mentioned by supporters of seafront development protesters as having met with EDDC.

Now a contact has passed to Owl what purports to be a document produced by the “Exmouth Creative Group”. Owl cannot verify this document and therefore cannot vouch for its veracity or its authorship and it is shown below for information only.

What IS clear is SOMEONE appears to have produced this document for some reason and it further appears that the implication is offered up that EDDC or someone on behalf of EDDC has approached this group with a brief to design a vision for Exmouth – or it may be a complete “fake news” fabrication.

Readers must decide for themselves.


“Exmouth Creative Group: Brief


We are a small group of experienced and professional ‘creatives’ who live and work in Exmouth (similar to: http://assemblestudio.co.uk). We consist of designers, artists, writers, architects and developers. We are passionate about the town we live and work in. Add names here… [no names are shown in the document provided to Owl].

Key deliverables:

We have been asked by [a member of] East Devon District Council [who is named in the document] to:

1. Create a vision for Exmouth
2. Develop outline proposals that will deliver this creative vision through any number of creative developments/projects within Exmouth (e.g. iconic sculptures/buildings/etc.)

This is a unique, ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to realise the future prosperity of Exmouth.

Therefore the creative vision must:

• Put Exmouth on the map
• Be unique but ‘true’
• Be high quality, intelligent and cultural
• Not be a ‘one off’ attraction but be something that encourages repeat visits
• Be of value to the local population and attract visitors all year round
• Financially and ‘footfall’ viable and sustainable
• Main target audience is ‘National Trust’ but also can’t ignore the youth?
• Be appropriate to Exmouth’s history
• Enhance our natural assets (ANOB, SSSI estuary, Jurassic Coast, sea front)
• Be low impact so it doesn’t detract from the natural environment and maintain the ‘open’ feel of the town and seafront
• Inspire a wider vision for Exmouth and other developments
• Turn ‘locals’ into advocates and inspire them to contribute to the vision
• Bring employment to the town
• Encourage year round ‘holiday’ trade
• It must be achievable and sustainable
• Involve local craftspeople
• Create a ‘culture’ in Exmouth


• Access:
o How do we draw people into the town when there is a lack of parking? Especially from the ‘suburbs’ of Exmouth who live on the surrounding hill which is too far away to walk to the town/seafront. If travelling by car, most will just go straight to Exeter
o Join together the town, seafront, train station and marina etc.
• Bring together the fragmented community groups
• Exmouth’s culture is either ‘low end’ or just well hidden
• Create something for all of the age groups
• There is little decent employment and opportunities within the town: the young are leaving the town due to lack of opportunities
• Exmouth is too small to have a close knit community; but too large to have a ‘scene’ “

Anyone think, like Owl, that the whole thing is VERY odd indeed!

7 thoughts on ““Exmouth Creative Group” and EDDC – curioser and curioser

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  2. I for one can not see what this is purposing. unless it is a policy to undermine the group which is opposing the Queens drive development. What is hard to understand is why after so much time and money was spent on the Exmouth Town Centre and Sea Front Masterplan which was very detailed in the Exhibition Summary of 2011, Yet now Cllr Skinner is now telling us we have a New Creative Group having possibly a better newer vision for Exmouth.


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  4. It is a shame about the secrecy, lies, and history of Exmouth residents being ignored, because in other respects the document seems actually quite positive.
    But in context of the responses from EDDC in The Journal and in my personal emails with a Cllr and his bizarre response, it is indeed incredibly strange.


    • I actually like the brief that the document sets out and it actually addresses many of the needs that are currently ignored. It does not,to me, stink of the seafront debacle,but seems to encompass a broader approach to the towns ills. What a shame it has surfaced with links to the seafront development and a veil of mystery,as maybe if this was the original brief,we might have had a more positive outcome.


    • I agree – the biggest problem is the secrecy – and Cllr Skinner’s response upon being asked about it which has only served to heighten the sense that something is not right.


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