The “Exmouth Creative Group” vision deconstructed

The existence of the group was first mooted here:

and later further (unverified) information was offered here along with its terms of reference:

So, let’s look at its “creative vision” point by point:

“the creative vision” must:

• Put Exmouth on the map
This is an utterly useless point. Whatever anyone does on the seafront they will claim that it has put Exmouth ” on the map” – i.e. made it more popular, though, of corse, Exmouth appears on maps already!

• Be unique but ‘true’
Yet again an utterly useless point. It would be the only one in Exmouth, so unique. And, if it wasn’t true, it would be untrue!

• Be high quality, intelligent and cultural
Jesus – how arty pretentious!

• Not be a ‘one off’ attraction but be something that encourages repeat visits
So, just like the Seaton Visitor Centre then – ah, we seem to be getting somewhere now!

• Be of value to the local population and attract visitors all year round
Yep, another Visitor Centre!

• Financially and ‘footfall’ viable and sustainable
Most definitely a Visitor Centre!

• Main target audience is ‘National Trust’ but also can’t ignore the youth?
A visitor centre with a skateboard park? Or linked to a “key stage for school trips with bored teenagers? Or next to a watersports centre?

• Be appropriate to Exmouth’s history
And the opposite of this is – to be inappropriate to Exmouth’s history – duh. And, yes, it definitely sounds like a visitor centre! But, of course, an upmarket, trendy, creative visitor centre.

• Enhance our natural assets (ANOB, SSSI estuary, Jurassic Coast, sea front)
A visitor centre! (And it’s AONB by the way).

• Be low impact so it doesn’t detract from the natural environment and maintain the ‘open’ feel of the town and seafront
EVERY tourist attraction these days must make these claims to be “right on” or whatever the current “creative” phrase is these days (is “wicked, bro” already passe?)

• Inspire a wider vision for Exmouth and other developments
Translation: it must make money and be linked to other things that make money – a visitor centre next to a bowling alley or a watersports centre for example?

• Turn ‘locals’ into advocates and inspire them to contribute to the vision
It must have a coffee shop and/or restaurant facing the sea and should be staffed mostly by unpaid local volunteers – just like Seaton!

• Bring employment to the town
Four cheap apprentices, a newly qualified cook and a highly paid manager, plus free volunteers.

• Encourage year round ‘holiday’ trade
Open 365 days a year – with just volunteers in quiet times.

• It must be achievable and sustainable

• Involve local craftspeople
Have a little area in the gift shop for local wares.

• Create a ‘culture’ in Exmouth
Er, pass! Though it is rather arrogant to assume that without this group there is no ‘culture’.

4 thoughts on “The “Exmouth Creative Group” vision deconstructed

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  2. The perfect solution seems obvious. EDDC should negotiate the permanent loan of “Dippy” the Diplodocus from the Natural History Museum after its country wide tour (why did EDDC let Lyme Regis get to be the first tour venue?).

    The Bowling Alley would be the ideal permanent exhibition space. Tailor made for it in fact.

    It would be a runaway success with everyone for the next hundred years, a much better use of this White Elephant and undoubtedly a cost neutral solution as well!

    Ticks all the boxes!

    (PS This incredibly creative idea is all mine: Tom Cobley © 2017 )


  3. One thing which is abundantly clear about the Exmouth Regeneration Board which were overseeing the intended Masterplan and first muted around 2008 and which the Exhibition Summary Leaflets and Documents then showed the Key Proposals and it’s Consultation program open to the Public from the 27th June – 12th Sept 2011. and confidently proclaimed a finish by 2035.
    I would very much doubt if our new Exmouth Regeneration Chairman will be a Councilor by then, and perhaps is the reason why he wants to make a name for himself by the considerably amount of time he is willing to give to the Exmouth Splash site.
    I would remind Cllr Skinner that any opposition to the Town plan was minimal, until the large Sea front Development was made a questionable second focus for recreation and entertainment in 2013, and the SES was formed to oppose it.
    As for the Estuary and Camperdown area leading into the heart of the new Exmouth experience, It has largely been forgotten


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