Who guards the guards who guard the guarded guards?

From Save Our Hospital Services Facebook page:

Question: The Case for Change document on which both the so-called ‘Success Regime’ and the STP are based was produced by a private-owned health service consultancy, Carnall Farrar which received £335,000 in consultancy fees

Is this the same company of which Dame Ruth Carnall is a founding partner and who is now the ‘independent Chair of the so-called ‘Success Regime’?”

3 thoughts on “Who guards the guards who guard the guarded guards?

  1. Again, this was raised on 4 separate occasions at DCC by Cllr. Brian Greenslade, Lib Dem & DCC Councillor for over forty years. He researched the issues thoroughly, has an analytical mind & is a qualified accountant.


  2. YES – it is.

    And i I remember correctly, their web site said that Ruth Carnall was leading the work.

    So absolutely no possible potential for conflicts of interest there, then.


    • I should add that the CCG has failed to provide me with any clinical evidence despite government instructions that they must and despite formal FoI requests.

      I am currently awaiting a response from the Accountable Officer, but I can’t see her admitting that the consultation needs to be rerun. The only place to go after that is the Health Ombudsman, but I fear that they exist to handle health mistakes not CCG illegalities. I foresee a Judicial Review on the way as it may be the only way to stop this juggernaut.

      So, to answer the original question “Who guards the guards who guard the guarded guards?”, the answer is that there are no guards guarding the CCG.


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