That 26% payrise for LEP CEO

“The LEP did not say who had voted for the increase, but the WMN understands that all but one council representative had opposed the rise.”


We know that councillors from Devon County Council and Somerset County Council were against the payrise.

Assuming that the DCC and SCC representatives voted against, that leaves Paul Diviani (EDDC), Gordon Oliver (Torquay) and Ian Bowyer (Plymouth).

Which one voted for it. We will never know, because we are not allowed to know. It wasn’t even designated on the agenda:

Click to access LEP-Board-Agenda-17-Jan-2017-V-5-1.pdf

or in the minutes:

Click to access LEP-Board-Agenda-17-Jan-2017-V-5-1.pdf

You want to see Board papers (as you would for council meetings) well, take a look here:

You want to know what they spend? This is the information they direct you to here:

Good luck!