Swire’s expenses

“The amount claimed in expenses by East Devon MP [Sir]* Hugo Swire during the last financial year has been revealed.

The data, published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), shows the amount claimed between April 2015 and March 2016.

The figures show that [Sir] Hugo claimed £164,381.75 – the fifth highest amount claimed out of the nine MPs who were sitting in Devon for the whole of the period in question.

This was made up of £140,905.27 spent on staffing, £8,506.29 spent on accommodation, £8,013.09 spent on travel, and £6,957.10 spent on office costs.

[Sir] Hugo declined to comment on the figures.”

*[Owl] refuses to recognise crony titles.

All this money spent for US – well, when he’s not so very busy chairing the Conservative Middle East Council and swanning around the middle east with our arms salesmen (more expenses) or relaxing in his mid-Devon second home.

But good to know his staff (including his wife) are being well remunerated.

And, post-Brexit, East Devon can surely look forward to many special trade deals with Saudi Arabia (though they are probably unlikely to be Fairtrade deals!).

Perhaps he could help us buy some cheap sand for our coastal defences.

And maybe Sidmouth could twin with Jeddah (though the ladies of Sidmouth might have to stop driving and have male guardians).