How to run a health service (or a country): put Aldi and Lidl in charge


Owl’s recent trip to Aldi revealed that, as well as paying staff more than the minimum wage without using zero-hours contracts:

they had thought carefully about how to maximise productivity.

For example, packaging has barcodes on all sides to make till throughput massively quicker AND – when Owl was (with some difficulty – talons are not as useful as hands in these situations) just about to attempt heave a six-bottle pack of sparkling water on to the belt – the assistant said no need and to leave it in the trolley. How come? There was a number on the plastic handle of the wrapping that applied to bulk buys and all she had to do was press two codes on her screen – one for “bulk items'” and then the code number 6 which identified a six-pack of sparkling water!

EVERYONE at an Aldi store has to be prepared to do any job in the store – if tills are quiet you stack shelves or sort the warehouse, etc. Employees say they have to work very hard but it is worth it for the benefits.

Now, THAT’S how you increase productivity and efficiency! Practical, sensible things that help both sides and a workforce that knows it isn’t being totally exploited.

Aldi management to replace the House of Commons, Lidl to replace the House of Lords? Though, if that’s not popular – combine them both in the House of Commons and have Waitrose for the House of Lords!