“Support for public ownership” – greater than Brexit


57% want councils to be allowed to set up new public bus companies – 22% oppose this (Survation, 2016)
46% want more public ownership of buses – 11% want more private ownership (Survation, 2016)


68% want public ownership (YouGov, 2013)

84% want public ownership (YouGov, 2013)
65% of the public would not feel comfortable using GP services provided by a private company like Atos, Capita, G4S or Serco (Survation, 2014)
74% want hospitals in public ownership (YouGov, 2015)

70% of the public want public ownership (Survation, 2016)
75% believe councils should have a statutory duty to protect public parks (Survation, 2016)

62% want prisons in public ownership (YouGov, 2015)
28% of people think it is appropriate for private companies to run prisons
25% think it is appropriate for private companies to provide court services (Survation, 2014)

66% want public ownership (YouGov, 2013)
59% want public ownership of Network Rail (Survation, 2015)
20% were in favour of reprivatising the East Coast line (Survation, 2013)

71% want public ownership (Sunday Express, 2012)

Public assets
49% want the Green Investment Bank in public ownership
20% want it to be privatisated (Survation, 2015)
70% want the Land Registry in public ownership (Survation, 2015)
60% want National Air Traffic Services in public ownership (Survation, 2015)
64% want the student loan book to be in public ownership (Survation, 2015)
67% want the Royal Mail in public ownership (YouGov, 2013)

In-house services
61% of the public think that local and central government should try to run services in-house first – before outsourcing (Survation, 2015)
50% are against the current outsourcing trend and want more public services run in-house, 22% want more outsourcing (Survation, 2015)
80% believe that when a public service is put out to tender, there should always be an in-house bid (Survation, 2013)

73% of the public think they should be consulted before any outsourcing decisions (Survation, 2015)
68% believe they need a legal right to consultation and information on outsourcing (Survation, 2015)
88% support a right to recall private companies when they do a bad job of running public services (Survation, 2013)
54% think the public sector is more accountable than the private sector (Survation, 2013)

67% think that public service contracts and performance data of private companies should be publicly available (Survation, 2015)
60% think Freedom of Information laws should apply to private companies running public services (YouGov, 2016)
48% (mistakenly) believe private contractors are legally obliged to respond to Freedom of Information requests (Survation, 2013)

Outsourcing companies
64% distrust outsourcing companies
21% trust outsourcing companies – compared to NHS (79%), the police (65%) and the armed forces (79%) (Survation, 2014)
69% of the public think Atos, Capita, G4S, Serco are motivated by maximising profit
38% think this should be important (Survation, 2014)
80% think providing the best service to the public should motivate Atos, Capita, G4S and Serco
22% of the public think this is the case (Survation, 2014)
59% think more regulation of private companies running public services is needed
16% think there is adequate regulation already (Survation, 2014)
58% believe G4S and Serco should be banned from all government contracts if found guilty of fraud (Survation, 2013)