“Tory Councillor ferried in from France to vote for cuts”

“Despite living in France, Eve Barisic, Conservative Devon County Councillor for Newton Abbot North, managed to make it to County Hall… to help scrap school crossing patrols – including one in her own division.

It’s not that often that Eve does make it over The Channel, and in fact she missed the meeting about changes to Devon’s children’s centres – including one in her own division.

Of course, living in a different country (let alone county) to her constituency and not turning up to meetings hasn’t stopped her picking up the £10,000 that goes with the role.

But staying in her county councillor position also means that she can be rolled out to vote for cuts. Not least because the rest of her Tory chums have kept quiet about how poor her behaviour in the role has been.

You’d think that the MP would have said something, but Newton Abbot’s Anne Marie Morris is not about to throw stones about being an effective politician, now is she?

So the lollipop people are scrapped, Devon faces cuts to services and an increase in Council Tax and Eve trundles back to France.

(There was a rumour that Eve would be standing for election again in May – we tweeted her the question in December 2015, but still haven’t heard back. We’ll let you know what we find out.)”



7 thoughts on ““Tory Councillor ferried in from France to vote for cuts”

  1. One wonders if the average tory district Cllr has done one tenth of the work that Cllr Booth has delivered. Most don’t ever speak at meetings so only turn up to vote as instructed by their whip. many residents do prefer cllrs who vote in their interests not the tory party leadership.


    • Ok, so fine for someone to live in Plymouth and being kind do “10 times the work” of a Tory cllr, but not one living in France? Whats the the difference, and are you staying our town should be represented by a person who has clearly moved on? You are missing the point of what I have said.


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  2. Sorry Steff, comment offends moderator rules – perhaps you might like to rephrase as comments could be libellous.


    • As shown on the web, he is a resident of Plymouth, not resigned from E.Devon council, picking up the £4,300 a year that goes with the role. You’d think that his Sidmouth councillor pals would have said something, but it seems they are not about to throw stones about being an effective politician, and not living in the town. Why is that?


  3. On a similar theme, can we expect Independent Councillor Matt Booth will be “ferried” in by the EDDC anti everything mob from his home in Plymouth to vote against the East Devon budget, as presumably they aren’t too fussed as to where he lives. Rarely turning up and drawing a very generous amount of money from tax payers hasn’t stopped him being an absent Councillor either. Perhaps he and Eve Barisic could car share from Millbay docks and reduce the mileage claims? Maybe you could ask him what his future plans are?


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