Lancashire devolution killed off due to lack of support – why not Devon and Somerset?

Surely, with the bid for a “Golden Triangle LEP” coupled with Somerset-centric funding and LEP business interests, we are in much worse disarray than (one county) Lancashire?

Lancashire councils have been ordered by the government to rewrite their devolution plans.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said the plans were “redundant” after two of the county’s 15 councils withdrew support.
The leader of Fylde Borough Council leader said on Wednesday the deal was not good enough and it was pulling out.

Devolution would mean Lancashire making its own decisions on transport, housing and parts of education.

Lancashire’s 15 local authorities, with the exception of Wyre, backed an original bid to take powers from Westminster last November.

A DCLG spokesperson said: “Councils in Lancashire have been told they will have to resubmit an application for devolution, if Fylde withdraws its support for a Combined Authority.

“An application which was submitted last year was being considered by government, but that becomes redundant if Fylde pulls out – which it looks set to do.”
The decision to withdraw will have to be formally rubber-stamped by Fylde Council in the coming weeks.”