“Grumpy Old Man Political Party” abolished

“The Electoral Commission maintains the official register of political parties and regularly culls defunct entries from it.

Amongst the parties removed from the list in the latest updates were:

British Unicorn Party, who wanted to abolish BBC South East Today, soared to four group members on Facebook and whose founder issued death threats to magistrates.

The Grumpy Old Men Political Party, whose policies included creating Whack a Munchkin day and restoring not only corporal punishment but also the death penalty.

Everyone’s Party, which possibly inaccurately called itself on Facebook, “The Largest Political Party On The Planet” (84 likes at last time of checking).

Kitten Independence Party, which intended to stand Sheena Gael Hunt in Torbay in the 2015 general election but did not manage it. It alas never registered a party logo.”


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