Developer says (old) people in Budleigh moan too much!

“A developer, whose controversial application to build a house in Budleigh Salterton was refused, has labelled residents in the town as ‘moaners’.

The application, for land between 25 and 24 Meadow Close, would have included the re-routing of a public footpath.

In the decision notice, East Devon District Council (EDDC) officers said the proposal would ‘reduce the convenience and attractiveness of an existing and well-used right of way’.

Applicant Andrew Mann sent a letter, two days before the decision was made, looking to answer any issues raised about the plan.

In the letter, he said: “I know there are many objections from the locals, but when you read their comments, nothing relates to the build.

“We are in Budleigh, where the population is made up of mainly old people who have no building knowledge or modern outlooks, but like to moan about progress.

“Yes, there are worries about the footpath, but we propose to create a new, wide path to the corner of the land, which will be well lit up by our own lighting.

“The siting of the footpath 
gives a better view of the 
oncoming traffic.”

Budleigh Salterton Town Council had previously opposed the plan, believing it to be over-development of the site.

It also had concerns about the traffic in Meadow Close with the proposed building being so close to the road.”

One thought on “Developer says (old) people in Budleigh moan too much!

  1. I see that Andrew Mann belongs to the Donald Trump school of democracy, where anyone who disagrees with his own views is “a moaner”. What a self-opinionated, arrogant, arse-hole he is? Of course I refer to Trump when I say that. 🙂


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