Teachers and pupils: bring your own toilet rolls to school (nurses and patients next?)

“Staff at the school provide their own tea and coffee in the staff room to help manage the budget.

A cash-strapped primary school has asked pupils to bring their own toilet rolls.

The appeal was sent out to parents at St John’s Primary School in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Parents at the school have been sent a letter requesting donations of ‘non essential’ items. This includes glue sticks, pencils, sellotape, envelopes – and even loo roll.

In an earlier letter headteacher Laura Cooper highlighted toilet paper as an expense which must be “rigorously monitored”.

She wrote: “The cost of resources such as toilet rolls now has to be rigorously monitored alongside the progress and achievement of the pupils.”

In her most recent letter Laura added: “We will be holding a non-uniform day on Thursday – instead of donating money we would like the children to bring in various ‘essential’ items such as stationary (e.g. glue sticks, pencils, blutack, boxes of tissues, sellotape etc) and of course loo rolls!”