2 thoughts on “BBC reports red line protests – in a downbeat sort of way

  1. As I commented vociferously on the Spotlight Facebook page last week, our local BBC news are as much interested in the performances of local cats and dogs as they are on real news, all performed in a playful and disinterested way. They need a real kick up the backside.
    They do not respond in any way to pertinent emails sent regarding current news, but particularly about cutting questions which ought to be asked, but never are.
    The BBC in the Southwest are a bitter disappointment in most respects , Justin and Victoria are pastiches of news presenters. Nice easy job!!


    • To be fair, they will, of course, be subject to the BBC’s editorial policy and guidelines for regional news reporting. And we see this fear of reporting any news that is negative about government policy across all the parts of the BBC these days, presumably because the BBC now fears that the government will interfere if they are too negative.

      The only part of the BBC output that seems to have any courage these days is Radio 4’s Today programme – and the government has been bullying them recently by claiming that they are biased because all the independent economists they interview say that Brexit will be bad for the economy. On this same basis,if the Today programme had a bunch of expert geographers all claim that the earth was a sphere rather than the government’s “flat earth” policy, that would also make the BBC biased because they didn’t parade a similar number of experts saying that the earth is flat in the name of “balance”.

      So it may not be a personal style, but rather a management edict that makes local radio so inane and toothless.


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