Devon Tories are running scared

How does Owl know?

Sajid Javid was in Devon today drumming up support for their DCC manifesto.

Once upon a time, Devon was such a safe county that there would have been no need whatsoever for the big guns from national government. Bringing them in now shows just how frightened they are this time around.

Wonder what Leader John Hart thought about the bloke who has helped strip his council to the bone pretending all is well?

And that photo of ex-Monster Raving Loony Hughes, austerity-cutter Javid, worried-looking Hart and super-cool (not!) Swire:


Really, if you are looking for a reason NOT to vote Tory (sensible people vote true Independent or, if no Independent is standing the person who would have expected to come second to a Tory, whatever party) this is the photo you should carry around in your wallet!

3 thoughts on “Devon Tories are running scared

  1. just what is the reason that Devon County Council’s Architectural and Civil Engineering departments (once at County Hall designing and administering the build and maintenance of Devon schools, libraries and colleges) are now operated by NPS (Norfolk Property Services) whereby NPS profits go to Norfolk rather than to benefit Devon’s ratepayers.


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