Tory DCC candidate in Ottery thinks hospital closure is progress and it was just a “geriatric home”

From the blog of Claire Wright, Independent candidate for Otter Valley Ward and current DCC councillor:

The Conservative candidate for Otter Valley Ward, Tim Venner, has hit out at residents attending the event at Ottery St Mary Hospital on Saturday, which showed local determination to save the hospital and its services, which may be at risk in the future.

The hospital had its general medical beds removed in 2015 but the building may now be at risk too.

Mr Venner, who is my Conservative opponent in the Devon County Council elections, tweeted: “Guess its (sic) good to spread gloom – stop hindering progress we need an evolving NHS fit for todday (sic) not 1970.”

It isn’t the first time Mr Venner has lashed out at local people trying to save Ottery Hospital.

After an event I organised at the hospital last May which Hugo Swire MP attended, Mr Venner referred to Ottery St Mary Hospital in a tweet as a “geriatric home.”

In a few days the Conservatives will no doubt send a leaflet around pledging their support for local hospitals and the NHS.

It is important that people are aware that in the Otter Valley, their Conservative candidate holds views that may be at odds with those set out in his leaflet.

The elections are on Thursday 4 May.”

2 thoughts on “Tory DCC candidate in Ottery thinks hospital closure is progress and it was just a “geriatric home”

  1. don’t know and don’t care if Hugo Swine is a geriatric, or was a member of the Guards but I know two things.
    1) He was delighted a few weeks ago to stand in front of Ottery hospital with a smile on his smug face whilst accompanying concerned locals worried about the (Tory supported) closure of said hospital wringing his hands in support of East Devon voters.
    2) He seems to be a tory carrying on the tradition of 18th century tories. If this were case , I , as a 21st century geriatric , will gladly take him on in hand to hand combat , and I have no doubt that I’ll beat the bloody crap out of the bastard.
    The fact that these apologies for human beings can, allegedly , represent us is an affront to real democracy.
    Come on Hugo, I’m a 67 year old overweight retiree who is prepared to take on an ex guardsman with apparently some repute ….. how could you possibly lose!
    Sadly we have moved on from the philosophies admired by his political predecessors and he won’t take up my challenge ….. or will he !
    I don’t think so , as he is also a coward.


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