Hugo Swire – another job – Twitterer par excellence!

The proof? This wonderful picture of him, Stuart Hughes and A.N. Other – under another wonderful picture of an egg laid by one of the hens at his MID-DEVON home recently posted to his Twitter account:

Perhaps the photographer thought calves, ankles and feet were their best features to woo voters with.

Mrs Swire, who is employed at around £35,000/year in his office, is said to “help” with his publicity – perhaps she was the person taking the photo or putting it on to Twitter? Though never having seen her in the flesh locally (has anyone not in the higher echelons of the local Tory party EVER seen her?) Owl wouldn’t be able to identify her.

Perhaps she’s home in MID-DEVON looking after the hens. Important job if you want fresh breakfast eggs.

Just another reminder about Mr Swire’s view of his “non-job” in EAST Devon: