Persimmon non-payment for 3 years may lead to loss of bus service

Owl says: if a developer has not kept its side of a bargain and ows money or in-kind payments, with a planning application, surely it should not be allowed to submit further planning applications till the debt has been fully discharged (with appropriate interest).

“The future of a vital bus route could be placed in jeopardy. Persimmon Homes South West has built 334 new homes at Mile End on the Ashburton Road on the A383 at the edge of Newton Abbot, and as part of the planning agreement for the scheme, they would help to fund the number 88 bus service that runs between Newton Abbot and Totnes, via Buckfastleigh, and travels on the A383 Ashburton Road,

But, the developers have been accused of not paying those contribution for 2015, 2016 and 2017 – a total of £225,000.

Teignbridge Council have commenced legal proceedings against the developer to ensure all the signed contributions are met.

But there are fears that unless the developers pay up, the bus route could be placed in jeopardy as there could be no funds for it.”

One thought on “Persimmon non-payment for 3 years may lead to loss of bus service

  1. This is clearly a debt and you have to wonder whether Persimmon Homes are withholding payment specifically to be able to leave it out of their accounts and boost profits (and directors’ bonuses). But clearly it is an agreed payment and so presumably a debt, and should be shown on the P&L as a cost and in the Balance Sheet as a debt – one would assume that to do otherwise would be to mis-state their accounts.


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