Another government u- turn – to benefit the well-off

That should win them a few votes in the leafier suburbs of East Devon!

“Probate fees: Planned increase scrapped ahead of election

“Controversial plans to raise the legal fees payable after death are to be scrapped ahead of the general election.

Probate fees had been due to rise from £155 or £215 to up to £20,000 for some estates in England and Wales from May.

The Ministry of Justice said there was now not enough time for the legislation – dubbed a “stealth death tax” by critics – to go through Parliament.

A senior Conservative declined to say if the scheme would be brought back if the prime minister was re-elected.

Probate charges are paid to the government when someone dies and the executor of their estate gathers their assets to distribute to beneficiaries of a will.

Currently, there is a flat fee of either £155 or £215 per application for probate, depending on whether or not the application is made through a solicitor.

There is no fee paid for estates worth under £5,000.

Legal move?

Under the proposed changes, this system would have been replaced by a sliding fee scale linked to the value of the estate.

Thousands of people would have faced sharp jumps in probate costs as a result.

Estates worth more than £50,000 and up to £300,000 would have attracted fees of £300, rising to £20,000 for those valued at more than £2m.” ….

One thought on “Another government u- turn – to benefit the well-off

  1. There are only two possible reasons for this u-turn:

    1. They decided that it was unpopular with their rich Tory voters and even more importantly their richar Tory donors, and would have reversed it even if there had not been a general election called.

    2. This is purely and simply an election bribe to the Tory heartlands.

    Either way, it doesn’t exactly paint the Tories in a good light – politics should be about values and benefiting everyone not simply bribes to voters so that you can stay in power. Values are long-term and don’t chop and change simply for expediency. Politicians with values will stand-up to their own Party leaders and not simply vote like sheep. Politicians who work on personal values are therefore far more trustworthy than those who blow with the wind or blindly vote for their parties policies regardless of the consequences.

    I hope that in the forthcoming elections (both DCC and General), people will vote for candidates who have values – and who have demonstrated that they stick with them. In my experience Independent candidates almost always fit this description – because they have no Party whipping them and because they have a much much harder fight to get elected and only a passion for their values to make a difference is what is driving them to make that effort.


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