“Nearly 40 million people live in UK areas with illegal air pollution”

Owl says: you don’t hear (current) DCC councillor and its roads supremo Stuart Hughes (Conservative, ex- Monster Raving Loony Party) mentioning this in his election speeches … though you DO hear contender Councillor Marianne Rixson (Independent East Devon Alliance)doing so and drawing attention to its implications for the health of local communities.

“…The extent of the air pollution crisis nationally is exposed in the data which shows 59% of the population are living in towns and cities where nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution breaches the lawful level of 40 microgrammes per cubic metre of air. …”


One thought on ““Nearly 40 million people live in UK areas with illegal air pollution”

  1. Agreed! No council in East Devon seems to acknowledge the problem. I have drawn attention to the issue to EDDC regarding coaches/buses and inevitable traffic jams for Colyton Grammar School. Local residents are subjected to these vehicles puffing out their noxious fumes twice a day during term time. They simply do not wish to know about it. Carting children around the countryside everyday, exposes them to the risks of diesel pollution too. In The Times last weekend there was a report that stated ‘”even low exposure may be harmful, and people in many rural areas also face high levels.”


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