General Election – “also rans” – a raggle-taggle bunch!

Interesting collection standing for General Election in East Devon hoping to represent us.


Hugo Swire: mostly absentee incumbent, spends large amounts of time on work with his Conservative Middle East Committee, lives (when not in London or travelling the Middle East) in Mid-Devon. Voted for Health and Social Care Act 2012 that broke up the NHS, knighted by old Etonian friend David Cameron, sacked soon after from his Foreign Office job by Theresa May. Famed for slurs on the less well off and being mischievously touched on the bottom by David Cameron at a State Dinner. Words (supportive) and actions (voting for cuts) at odds when it comes to the crunch on major issues affecting East Devon.

Claire Wright (Independent)
Was EDDC councillor for many years, instrumental in opening up the planning process for public scrutiny. DCC Councillor, recently re-elected in a landslide victory (c. 75% of the vote for the second consecutive time). Lives in Ottery St.Mary. Tireless campaigner for the NHS, schools and the environment. Her General Election result in 2015, was more than Labour and Lib Dem combined. A Google search (“Claire Wright” Devon) has well over 100 links about her campaigning on issues.


Michael Van Davies (Independent)
Stood as Independent Candidate for MP for Barnsley Central in a 2011 By Election (despite living in Exmouth) and got 60 votes (0.2%). A Google search (“Michael Val Davies” OR “Michael Davies” Devon) pretty devoid of any track record of campaigning on issues.

Alison Eden (Lib Dems)
Teignmouth Town Councillor, and TeignBridge District Councillor since a by-election in Sep 2016. Proposed by Eileen Wragg and some local Lib Dems
She is quoted as saying she wants to put Teignmouth high on the tourist map. (well that’s helpful for us in East Devon!!). A Google search (“Alison Eden” Devon) is pretty devoid of any track record of campaigning on issues

Peter Faithfull (Independent)
EDDC Councillor since May 2015, Ottery St. Mary Town Councillor. Lives in Ottery. A Google search (“Peter Faithful” Devon) pretty devoid of any track record of campaigning on issues except his strong feelings against West Hill having its own parish council.

Brigitte Graham (UKIP)
A basket weaver lives in East Budleigh and stood unsuccessfully in Exmouth for the county earlier this month, got circa 800 votes, with 2,700-2,800 for the two Conservatives who won seats and around 2,200 for the Independent Ben Ingham. A Google search (“Brigitte Graham” Devon) is utterly devoid of any track record of campaigning on any issues local or national.
Jan Ross LAB. Lives in Exmouth and stood for DCC in Broadclyst Division in May 2017 DCC elections with c. 410 votes cf. c. 1,500 – 1,600 votes for the two Conservatives elected. According to the election notice, she doesn’t live in the constituency – officially her address is Central Devon – though her Labour Party page says she lives in Exmouth. A Google search (“Janet Ross” Devon) is utterly devoid of any track record of campaigning on issues.

So, who is going to get YOUR vote?

And remember Hugo Swire last time only got 47% of the votes cast.

4 thoughts on “General Election – “also rans” – a raggle-taggle bunch!

  1. Let’s look for a second,(he’s not worth any longer) at Peter Faithfull whose one wish is to slander who he likes hidden behind the cloak of Paliamentary protection.

    If you can’t be man enough to air your views in public then shut up and withdraw from the election. You have no chance anyway and any vote for you is a vote lost to Claire Wright who stands a real chance of beating Yougo Swine.


    • Hi Paul,
      I am sure your comment is tongue-in-cheek, but just to respond in disagreement – as someone working in the Middle East now, I’ll not be using my East Devon proxy vote for Hugo Swire … probably will vote for Claire Wright, she seems quite sensible.


    • It was indeed tongue-in-cheek.

      I would presume that Hugo Swine’s interest in the Middle East is on the same basis as the UK – to ensure that the rich leaders get richer whilst the people of the Middle-East don’t.

      When Hugo loses the election in a couple of week’s time, I doubt it will be long before her gets a well-paid consultancy with his rich Middle-East friends. For services rendered perhaps?


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