Tiverton and Honiton parliamentary candidates – more staid than East Devon!

Neil Parish – Conservative
Described as “blustering” in a recent Private Eye. Pays much more attention to the north of his constituency (A303 widening enthusiast, farming) at the expense of the poorer, coastal southern end. Originally a Somerset farmer and former MEP.

Caroline Julia Kolek – Labour
Embattled former Mayor of Honiton, where the town council is involved in some sort of police investigation and where newspaper reports of allegations of bullying and harassment have been made. Teacher.

Matthew Wilson – Lib Dem
Describes himself as campaigner, entrepreneur and teacher “currently run companies that support businesses providing networks that allow them to access new markets and support public sector staff such as NHS works by providing them with retail discounts.”

Green – Gill Westcott
Leading light and green campaigner in Exeter and wider area Green and Transition Towns movement, economics graduate of Oxford and Cambridge, helped create “Exeter pound”. Has taught sustainability in schools and writes and gives talks on economics and sustainability.


Hhhmm – which one does land, sand and sea Tiverton and Honiton need? Farmer, teacher, entrepreneur or sustainability campaigner?

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