Not a single general election issue covered in today’s Midweek Herald!

One short letter supporting Claire Wright, a front page about chaos at Honiton Town Council – and that’s it! Though there are a lot of pages about gardening, good works and homes for sale.

Has anyone told them there’s a general election and local newspapers are expected to inform us about, well, local news.

Or maybe someone has and that’s how they have decided to deal with it.

Well, at least it’s free.

One thought on “Not a single general election issue covered in today’s Midweek Herald!

  1. Indeed – a free press, willing and able to cover politics and hold people to account, are an essential part of any democracy.


    I can understand that Archant is a commercial publisher who needs to publish the types of story that sell papers – which outside a General Election probably doesn’t include political debate, though it apparently includes straight forward local political news stories like Honiton Town Council.

    But I cannot believe that straight forward fact-based investigative journalism into local general Election Candidates won’t sell papers.

    And I would argue that Archant has a responsibility to fulfil their democratic role, even if it doesn’t sell papers.


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