A song for our times

From a correspondent”

“Maggie May”

​The Tory slogan or cliché
​Is “Strong and Stable Mrs May”.
​“Strong”? Just on the weak, I’d say.
​“Why take disableds’ pay away?”
​Said Kathy*. May had nought to say.
​TV debate? Too “frit” to play.
​And what, last April*, did she say? –
​She argued not to “leave” but “stay”:
​Irish and Scots could break away;​
​The bankers could all go away;
​Trade deals? Could be worse, O.K?
​In single market? Costs to pay.

​On Brexit it is all hearsay:
​Why put your trust in Mrs May?
​Do YOU know what she’ll give away?
​Tories are split, in disarray.
​And what if she’d just “run away”
​ ​And Far Right/Daily Mail hold sway?

​What does her manifesto say?
​For social care you’ll have to pay;
​More cuts for schools are on the way;
​Retireds face a cut in pay*;
​Few immigrants? The figures say
​A record under Mrs May*.

​What will we get “post-Brexit day”?
​The NHS will fade away
​And if you’re ill you’ll have to pay*;
​More zero hours and more low pay;
​Meanwhile the richest will make hay;
​More cuts – for that’s the Tory way.
​Why WOULD YOU vote for Mrs May?

*Disabled Kathy in Abingdon recently wanted Mrs May not to cut disabled living allowance and care. (Kathy has £100 a month to live on.) * 25 April 2016
*No triple lock on state pensions
*A record 650,000 immigrants entered UK in May’s last year as Home Secretary.
*Boris Johnson wants us to pay for NHS treatment, Michael Gove to privatise it, Iain Duncan Smith to replace it with an insurance system – John Major said the NHS was as safe in their hands as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python.”