REAL Hustings in East Devon – minus Swire who refuses to attend

Hustings are booked in so far at:
Friday 26 May – Cranbrook (details to be confirmed)
Tuesday 30 May, 7.30pm – Exmouth – Holy Trinity Church

Swire says he will do his own hustings alone, though how you can “hust” on your own is a bit of a puzzle! We like to see ALL our candidates answering the same questions at the same time at hustings. Alas, this will not happen in East Devon. Claire Wright and other candidates would rather it did.

Neil Parish (Con) IS attending hustings in his Tiverton and Honiton constituency.

One thought on “REAL Hustings in East Devon – minus Swire who refuses to attend

  1. This will be the same format as Tossa May then. Invite Conservative supporters to an exclusive meeting, bar non Conservatives and, hey presto, you have your very own captive audience. Probably vetted to make sure they will ask the ‘right questions’. Nothing embarrassing like why Hugo Swine (along with Neil Pariah) voted to abolish the NHS (Health & Social Care Act 2012) or why Devon has been denied adequate funding for YEARS AND YEARS.


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