Photoshop – so useful for Swire!

The Swire photo on Twitter:

Now, Owl may be wrong, but isn’t this cropped from this – that chair and that view sure look similar:


Original photo source: Sidmouth Herald

3 thoughts on “Photoshop – so useful for Swire!

  1. Frankly I think this is pretty cheap and exploitative canvassing, reminds me of the chap who promises to fix your roof then runs off with your money.


  2. Not cropped from the same photo – the hands are in a different position.

    But judging from the jacket / shirt /tie and chair colouring, this was from the same photo opp. at a care home (which one hopes he is planning to retire to).

    As for the Sidmouth Herald article – Hugo is clearly in his element sending a mild and meek letter to the PM – allowing him to then wring his hands in public and say how terrible it is – rather than for example VOTING ON HIS CONSCIENCE AND AGAINST HIS PARTY.

    Oops – I forgot. Hugo is not free to speak, not free to act and not free to vote – he is a zombie voting MP from a Party who wants to be a minister again and so will never, ever, vote against his party whip regardless of whether he believes the vote is right or wrong.

    Now who comes to mind who would be free to speak and free to act and free to vote on their conscience?

    If you genuinely want fair funding for Devon Schools – and fair funding for the NHS – vote AGAINST the Conservatives in June’s election.


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