And now the really, really bad news

The DCC health and social care committee chaired by Sarah Randall-Johnson also has on it DCC Councillor Phil Twiss and EDDC representative member Paul Diviani.

Neither has ever been seen at health service cut protest meetings to save threatened hospitals (either in their council or personal capacities) and both known (along with Randall Johnson) for enthusiastically, even possibly zealously, toeing the Tory party line and all gung-ho to give Mrs May their utter devotion. And they had to be dragged kicking and screaming by EDDC Independents to stand up for local services still being viciously cut.

Luckily, we still have Independent Councillor Claire Wright to represent US. And one Independent Claire Wright is worth more than three local slavish Tories!

2 thoughts on “And now the really, really bad news

  1. Of course, if Claire gets elected as an MP, she will have far more clout to help stop our NHS cuts than the rest of the DCC Tories put together.

    If you want to stop the NHS being cut / sold off / dismantled, VOTE FOR CLAIRE WRIGHT.


  2. Mr Twiss was see at a Seaton protest as bag carrier for Neil Parish, he was also at Honiton later that morning in a similar role, as was Mr Diviani.
    Perhaps they will pleasantly surprise Owl!


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