2 thoughts on “Swire’s “husting” doesn’t impress Twitter!

  1. I went into the college soon after the meeting started. Given that a number of those present were Tory councillors, the numbers of ‘ordinary folk’ looked pretty small for a town of 36,000. Far fewer there than the last Town Council meeting I attended, plenty of spare chairs. Perhaps a better indicator was the car park, often a struggle to find a place, it was no trouble this time. For some peculiar reason 5 or 6 spaces were taped off for Jill Elson- these remained empty. Maybe there was a last minute rush expected- but it hadn’t arrived by the time the meeting started.


    • REAL news rather than FAKE news from someone who was actually there?

      Given the demographics of the audience, were any questions asked about his track record e.g. on voting for cuts in services and benefits to the least well off in our society or on saying one thing and voting the opposite or on his effort (or lack of it) fighting for East Devon or on his comments about how he takes a large salary but doesn;t believe it is actually a job?

      Or did he get asked a few patsy questions to enable him to say what a great and moral (not to mention Strong and Stable) MP he is and how Claire is a Corbyn-clone i.e. rampant communist / terrorist sympathiser?


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