EDDC Cabinet meeting highlights

Wednesday, 14 June 2017; 5.30pm

page 26:

EDDC has underspent its Disabled Facility Grants by £336,000 as “Demand not as high as budget/grant allocation from Devon County Council”.

page 42:
Freedom of Information

658 requests have been dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act (Environmental Information Regulations) during the year 2016/17.

This figure has risen from 588 in 2015/16.

There continues to be a trend for requests originating from commercial organisations asking questions relating to council contracts; information pertaining to businesses and their payment of business rates; and topics of general news interest like the impact of changing legislation.

The council’s major projects, such as the office re-location and the regeneration of Exmouth seafront are also continuing to generate interest amongst local residents, and campaign groups, although these requests form a relatively small proportion of the overall number received.

The service areas receiving the highest number of requests are Council Tax, Environmental Health and Planning. …”


2 thoughts on “EDDC Cabinet meeting highlights

    • As the URL at the bottom states, it is a taken from the AGENDA for the 14 June Cabinet meeting. In other words, they are from reports by Senior Officers made to Cabinet for them to discuss / approve.

      The comment about Disabled Facilities Grants was from a finance report by the senior finance officer. The FoI comments were from a report by the senior legal officer.


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