Swire calls East Devon Watch, Claire Wright and East Devon Alliance supporters “a vile swamp”

… here’s what he said:

and here are a few of the comments he refers to:

His comment on East Devon Watch:

There is something called East Devon Watch which is again tied in with East Devon Alliance – they’re all the same sort of people and frankly it’s time to call them out now. It’s no good them hiding behind their nice little smiles and pretending they are independent. These are not, they are vile some of these people”.

1. East Devon Watch has never made any secret of supporting (but not being part of or supported by) East Devon Alliance.

2. EDW has never hidden behind a nice little smile – there is nothing to smile about with the politics of East Devon. Indeed, crying would be more appropriate!

3. There is no pretending to be independent – EDW is indeed independent and proud of it.

4. Vileness …. well, Owl leaves readers to make up their own minds.

EDW will continue to hold the politics and politicians of East Devon to the light and looks forward to doing so for many, many years.

2 thoughts on “Swire calls East Devon Watch, Claire Wright and East Devon Alliance supporters “a vile swamp”

  1. P.S. In defence of the Owl, and myself and other commenters here…

    1. Most (if not all) of the statements made here about Hugo are responses to things he has said or done – or indeed not said or not done. In other words, they are factually-based personal comments reflecting Hugo’s behaviour or attitude. I challenge anyone, especially Hugo, to find posts or comments that are not rooted in publicly available facts.

    2. It is a part of the democratic process that our elected representatives can be held to account for their performance in the role. And that means that what Hugo does or doesn’t say or do is open to review and (if appropriate) criticism. If he doesn’t like being criticised like this, Hugo now has four choices:

    a. As a commenter on East Devon Watch, I am likely one of the people he is claiming to have libeled him. If he really believes he has been libeled, he should stop whinging about it, gather the evidence and sue me. I would be most happy to justify my comments (in open court with attendant publicity) by pointing to the underlying evidence that they have always been based on. BUT if he is unwilling to do this then he should either…

    b. Stop acting like a petulant child, accept that criticism is part of the job and suck it up; or

    c. If he can’t take the heat, he should resign and get an actual job (Hugo has said that – despite a huge salary – being an MP isn’t a job); or

    d. (Best possible outcome) Change the way he behaves, the votes he makes, the things he says, and his attitude to his constituents and to the democratic process and to the less fortunate in our society, so that he starts taking the job seriously and starts acting in the interests of his constituents rather than e.g. his Middle East friends – and then myself and others won’t need to take him to task about his behaviour.

    But personally I am not holding my breath about any of the above – the most likely outcome will be that Hugo will continue being Hugo and keep doing the same things as before.


  2. Hugo has excelled himself this time. Not only is he entirely unwilling to be held to account by his constituents but instead, when they call him out on what he has said and done (or rather said and not done), decides to call them “vile” and unmannered.


    The electorate of East Devon has chosen to re-elect him, despite his unwillingness to attend hustings and debate issues or defend his record with other candidates (many of us consider hustings to be a cornerstone of the democratic process), and the VERY FIRST THING HE DOES following his re-election is to call his own constituents vile and unmannered.

    Many of us might consider Hugo’s lack of gratitude, graciousness and respect for his own constituents both vile and unmannered. As I said, rank hypocrisy of the worst kind!!


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