Vile person?

“A Sidmothian satirist is offering East Devon residents the chance to ‘meet your MP’ – in the form a cabbage sporting a blue ribbon.

Alex Ritchie claimed that the vegetable’s ‘spokesman’, Sir Hugo Swire, was unavailable so he was sat with it on Sidmouth’s Esplanade.

The Conservative MP was re-elected for a fifth term with a majority of more than 8,000 votes.”

Just to clarify: Owl has never known, known of or met or corresponded with Mr Richie.

Will Mr Swire be commentating on this legitimate protest?

2 thoughts on “Vile person?

  1. I have to say, I think that Alex Ritchies form of satire , and a comparison between Hugo Swine and a cabbage, is most unfair.

    The Cabbage has done nothing to deserve this.

    It hasn’t denied that being an MP is a job. It doesn’t take a huge salary for NOT representing his constituents properly. It hasn’t made crass remarks at a Tory Party black-tie fundraiser about those on benefits being able to afford to bid £55,000. It hasn’t campaigned for tourism in the Middle East whilst failing to campaign for tourism in East Devon. It hasn’t voted for cuts and privatisation of Health and Social Care and then wrung its hands about how terrible it is. It hasn’t avoided debating his policies and track record with other candidates.

    On the plus side, it is a very suave, well groomed, well turned out and indeed financially well off cabbage – and at least this part of the comparison is fair. But these are minor by comparison to the bad comparisons.

    I therefore call upon Alex Ritchie to choose a more suitable vegetable to represent Hugo Swire, though I am not sure which vegetable would be best. How about Hugo Swire for that role?


  2. I am sure our MP will see the funny side of this !!! BUT will he get the message ? Not so sure 🤢🤢


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