3 thoughts on “Swire does a Trump: blames everyone but himself for his win!

  1. 1. Hugo doesn’t get paid a salary – for it to be a salary it would have to be a job, and he is on record for saying that being an MP isn’t a job and indeed you can have as many other jobs as you like. So I guess he just gets a large monthly gift from us for being in the right place and voting as he is told by Theresa.

    2. He says on his web page “Our posters were ALL either pulled up, vandalised or stolen.” Liar!! “All” is an absolute, and I can say for a fact that there were a long line of posters on the Ottery / Sidmouth road that were not pulled up. (and I am sure that there were hundreds more that were not pulled up.)

    3. He says that Independents are powerless without a party machine behind them. If you believe this and follow his logic, it means that he is powerful because he has got a party machine behind him – in which case he should have fixed education, social care and the NHS in Devon by now.

    But in fact he hasn’t fixed it or even influenced it. The reality is he has no more or less power than an Independent MP would have. In fact, the real issue is how you choose to exercise the 1/650th of power that you have as an MP.

    Hugo exercises his 1/650th power by following orders and voting as he is told. Perhaps he does this because he seems desperate to become a Minister again and if he ever votes against the government line his chances of achieving that will be gone. But then again perhaps he votes that way because if he wanted to vote on merit and conscience (assuming he has one of those – no sign so far) then he might actually have to find out and think about the issues – and that is far too much like a job.

    Claire on the other hand is free to speak and free to vote – and always seems to have a view on issues, particularly those that impact the citizens of East Devon – and even more importantly as a County Councillor always votes on behalf of us!!!

    4. Hugo says “The Express and Echo and Devon Live lost any sense of balance between the candidates pushing Claire Wright as its chosen candidate thereby driving forward its left leaning agenda.”

    Lots of assumptions here – most of them likely to be incorrect.

    The most obvious cause for Claire getting more coverage is that she was out and about campaigning more, and so there was more news to be written about her. If Hugo had been prepared to campaign – like for example being prepared to attend hustings and make his case and defend his track record – then maybe he would have received more press coverage. But without Hugo creating any news to write about, why would a newspaper write anything about him.

    Since newspapers rely on using press releases as the basis for articles (because the post internet economics mean that they cannot afford many journalists) the next most obvious cause of Claire getting more coverage would be that Claire was better at getting Press Releases to the Express and Echo than Hugo was – presumably because Hugo has the party machine working for him and Claire is powerless because she hasn’t got one (oh no – sorry – that doesn’t make any sense).

    5. Hugo goes on to say “[an MP’s] role is to represent constituents interests in Westminster not Westminster in his constituency.”

    Actually, I think any MP wanting to serve his constituency properly should do both. Not only to fight for the needs of his or her constituents in Parliament, but also to explain to his constituents why he votes the way he does (given that his job is to represent them). Hugo does neither of these.

    Leaving aside two luke warm speeches in the Westminster Hall, Hugo has quite literally (and I use the word “literally” in a literal sense) said NOTHING in parliament about East Devon. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. ZERO. NOTHING. Go look in Hansard if you want to research it yourself.

    He has, of course, been vocal about how the government needs to support the tourist industry – unfortunately he was campaigning for the tourist industry in the Middle East, not the one in East Devon (it was about security restrictions on flights to the Middle East – see Hansard for details).

    6. Then he says “No, this election went terribly wrong in my view, not only because of a disastrous campaign by the Conservatives but because it seemed more interested in personality than policy, both locally and nationally.” Funny how many Conservative MPs (and ex-MPs) are saying that it was the worst Conservative Campaign in several decades.

    And it was of course, Jeremy Corbyn that focussed on policies (and indeed had some, and had even costed them), whilst the Conservatives only focus was personalities – of Theresa May (“Strong and Stable” though she turned out to be weak and vacillating) and Jeremy Corbyn (loony left terrorist sympathiser, who would need a “coalition of chaos” to form a government, though he repeatedly condemns violence in all forms, and has centralist policies – and of course it is now Theresa May who is so desperate to hold on to power that she is forming a coalition of chaos with the ex-terrorists of the DUP).

    7. Hugo finishes by saying “For me it sidestepped the great issue of our time which is how Brexit will define us as a nation and how we can best make a success of it.”

    The answer to how to make the best of Brexit is definitely not to leave Theresa May going for an ultra-Hard Brexit which will benefit Tory Donors rather than the majority of people in the UK.

    SUMMARY: What Hugo fails to mention in his paranoid catalogue of personal persecution is how Claire Wright and others (like me) have repeatedly libeled him and been mean and “vile”. Poor, poor Hugo. He thinks we are all out to get him, when in reality his own worst enemy is himself.


    • Mr Swire cut communication with the DevonLive group when they asked him where he spent his holidays and he refused to answer. It’s HIS fault they couldn’t cover his election – because he refused to deal with them. More Trumpian behaviour.


  2. I am so fed up with Swire rambling on and on and on about….. well Swire! What about his aims and priorities for East Devon for which he is being paid a salary. Does he not realise that he did in fact WIN (just). Please stop sucking that dummy and get on with it.


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