Money versus safety: money always wins out

” …The Observer has learned that successive governments have commissioned and paid for – over the past 12 years – a series of reports into the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sprinkler systems in the construction of new buildings, including schools and care homes. All have concluded beyond any doubt that they should be used.

Yet last year fire experts were enraged when ministers decided to loosen, not tighten, regulations to allow new schools to be built without sprinkler systems at all. The need to build more schools fast and cheaply appeared to have prevailed. “Everybody bombarded the ministers in education,” says King. “Meetings took place with ministers and they went back to have another look at their guidance and it is still pending today, because they are still trying to hedge their bets.”

It is understood that in March or April this year Barwell [last Housing Minister before the election] agreed in principle to meet the all-parliamentary group for the first time, but the meeting never happened because May called a general election and Barwell, no longer a member of parliament, moved to Downing Street to advise her. …”

One thought on “Money versus safety: money always wins out

  1. Isn’t this the Conservatives in a nutshell…

    This was an entirely avoidable disaster if only the government and council and contractors considered the PEOPLE and not just the money.

    The bottom line is that the Conservatives don’t think about people only about money, they don’t think about safety or risks or consequences only about the costs.

    In other words, they don’t think that they are in government to benefit us – they are in government to benefit only themselves and their sponsors (or as they call them Party Donors).

    So when Jeremy Corbyn coins the slogan, “For The Many not The Few” has has captured in a soundbite EXACTLY what differentiates Labour from the Conservatives.

    I just wish that the majority of Conservative votes would wake up and realise that unless they are Billionaires then they are NOT in the group of people who will benefit under the Conservatives. It’s not just the poor and disabled and public sector workers like nurses and doctors who have been worse off under the Conservatives since 2010, but in fact most ordinary people. The only people who have really benefitted under the Conservatives are those with massive tax bills who have benefitted from massive tax cuts.

    Conservatives – paid for by the rich, run by the rich for the benefit of the rich.


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