The new Housing Minister – does he really matter?

Alok Sharma [is the new housing minister] … Sharma is the 15th housing minister since 1997 and the seventh since 2010, suggesting that most have only a limited time to develop expertise. Sharma, 49, an accountant by profession, comes to it as a housing novice. I’m sure the industry will be keen to colour in what looks like a blank sheet of paper“.

David Smith, Sunday Times Home, Opinion page 6(paywall)

Owl says: really no need to worry, Mr Smith – developers (aided by enthusiastic local authorities) have been in charge of housing foy YEARS and have no intention to relinquish control to a mere housing minister – who doesn’t even have a seat in the Cabinet.

One thought on “The new Housing Minister – does he really matter?

  1. What better way would there be for the Conservatives to ensure that their property developer friends – and MAJOR DONORS – get their desires for light-touch regulation met, than by shuffling the Housing Minister frequently thus ensuring that they never develop sufficient knowledge to see what is happening or for any form of moral conscience about putting lives at risk to raise its head…


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