“Hundreds form ‘conga cordon’ as they bid to Save Exmouth Seafront”

Owl says: with current re-thinking on austerity (aka massive Tory u-turn) and new dialogue about social responsibility and inequality (Labour) might it be time to go back to local authorities working for residents instead of being just big businesses sucking up our money for vanity projects for greedy developers?

“Hundreds of protesters formed a conga cordon around Exmouth seafront on Saturday to around businesses that will have to close at the end of the summer as a result of multi-million pound redevelopment plans.

… Nick Hookway, Save Exmouth Seafront spokesman, said that the group are invigorated after Saturday following the support that they received from the public.

“The event was so successful that we are thinking about having stands on the seafront every weekend throughout the summer so people can find out about the proposals.”

He added that the feeling he got from speaking to people at the event was that no-one was in favour of the proposals as they currently are.

He said: “Why are the council carrying on with the proposals when there is no developer interested, apart from the watersports centre which is just a small part of the plan.

“When the fun park closes, the rest of the seafront will just be derelict and it is horrifying the thought of the seafront being all boarded up.

“We are concerned that the area will be left empty and there will be an air of dereliction about the whole site. Why should Exmouth residents have to put up with a derelict seafront as a result of this? There is already an air of dereliction on the site as metal hoardings appear. This is a situation that will get worse when these last two businesses close.

“It is very encouraging the level of support that we received and we will continue to put our point across and hope we will be able to influence the developers when they do put in their watersports centre plans.

“Most people recognise and do want to see the area given a makeover. But we want something that is built in line with the environment and with the full support of and after consultation with the people of Exmouth. You could come up with something imaginative that would be supported.

“We are invigorated after the event that was such a success and will continue to get our voice heard.”