Exmouth Water Sports Centre: Grenadier’s three days of consultation announced

Grenadier is holding consultation events at Ocean in Queen’s Drive on October 21 and 25, between 9am and 5pm, and on November 1 between 5pm and 9pm.

It says the proposed scheme would provide training and changing facilities alongside an outdoor events space and eateries, and is expected to provide services throughout the year.

The initial plans have been called “uninspiring” and protestors note that the illustrations do not show the Queens Drive road diversion as described by EDDC.

Exmouth water sports centre plans revealed

First thoughts?

Owl’s – well, it doesn’t look like it will win any design awards! Personally, Owl preferred the boating lake and swan pedallos.


Exmouth Fun Park WILL close – even though there is no developer for the site

For – 21
Against – 26
Abstain – 0

Notice of motion is not agreed – it is the end of the debate – the fun park will close.

For full summary of what residents and councillors said, see:


“Floral tributes laid as hundreds say farewell to Exmouth Fun Park”

Floral tributes were left inside the iconic swanboat and messages of thanks were left as a family run seafront Fun Park closed after more than 60 years tomorrow.

The Fun Park on Queen’s Drive, Exmouth, closed for the last time on Thursday ahead of major multi-million pound plans that East Devon District Council has to renovate the seafront.

Hundreds of people came out for one last ride on the pedalos and a round of crazy golf at the Fun Park.

A vigil was also held by Save Exmouth Seafront campaigners and floral tributes were presented to the Wright family who have run the Fun Park for more than four decades.

Unless a motion that an extraordinary meeting of East Devon District Council to be held on September 13 to discuss the closure of the businesses as part of the Queen’s Drive redevelopment is agreed to give the seafront businesses a chance of an eleventh-hour reprieve, the Exmouth Fun Park has now closed for good.

The Harbour View Café is set to follow the Fun Park in closing at the end of September while several long-standing businesses including DJ’s Diner, the Arnold Palmer/Jungle Fun site, and the model railway have already closed. … ”


Vigil for Exmouth Fun Park – say farewell to the local family and their much-loved attraction 11 am – 8 pm today

Today is the last day today for the Fun Park complex run by the local Wright family in Exmouth, who must make way for EDDC’s vision of the future – a no-doubt very expensive water sports centre and other coastal clone businesses.

If you will miss this attraction and the local family who run it, people are being asked to please turn up with thank you’s, mementoes etc for a Wright family tribute today.

Save Exmouth Seafront will be there from 11 to 8 pm tonight when the doors finally shut.

Its contents will be auctioned on Friday:


Exmouth: EDDC and Grenadier sign contract

And here is the spin, spin, spin:

“East Devon District Council has confirmed it has signed a deal with Grenadier Estates for new watersports centre in Exmouth.

The watersports centre will be community focused and a not for profit development, and forms an integral part of the council’s plans to regenerate the seafront area, the new centre will be built on a former car park on Queen’s Drive.

As well as offering watersports facilities, a new access ramp will be incorporated within the development allowing easier access to the beach, and will further confirm Exmouth’s place as a leading UK watersports destination, the council say.

Cllr Philip Skinner, the council’s portfolio holder for economy, and chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board, said: “I am delighted that we are entering into this agreement with Grenadier Estates. There has been a long-held commitment to have this watersports centre for Exmouth and we are now taking a huge step forward to achieving this ambition.

“The council, through the Exmouth Regeneration Board, has delivered significant improvements for Exmouth over recent years including the new Strand in the town centre, the new Premier Inn and more recently, the re-opening of a brand new Mamhead slipway. The delivery of the first phases of the Queen’s Drive regeneration is now the next step in this exciting journey for Devon’s largest town.” …


There is more in the same vein, but Owl can’t bear to give them more oxygen of publicity.

Exmouth: development or World Heritage status?

“Save Exmouth Seafront campaigners are urging both East Devon District Council and its preferred developer Grenadier Estates to re-consider the building of a Water Sports centre after concern that its location will ‘threaten the entire existence of a World Heritage Site’. …

Nick Hookway, Save Exmouth Seafront spokesman, said: “SES has recently been made aware of concerns raised within the management of the UNESCO world heritage site, “The Jurassic Coast” regarding the proposed “Water Sports” development on Queen’s Drive.

“Such concerns centre on any inappropriate developments that could be clearly seen from any vantage point within the world heritage centre, “The Jurassic Coast”.

“By standing at the Geoneedle on Orcombe Point, the proposed “Water Sports” centre would be clearly visible as it would be situated on a curve that juts out into the Estuary.”SES members posed the question: “Is this council prepared to deal with the hostile global criticism that any adverse impacts from this application may lead to?”

Read more Lyme Regis beach closed after hand grenade is discovered

Professor Malcolm Hart, Vice-Chair of the Science and Conservation Advisory Group of the World Heritage Site, “The Jurassic Coast” has recently stated: “In the case of Exmouth and the River Exe, the views to the west and north are spectacular and continue onwards the geology of the site… Clearly one does not want to nibble away at the ends (or the middle) of the site in any way and so what one can see from Orcombe point and Maer Rocks IS important.”

Mr Hookway added: “On the basis of this new information, SES now urges both EDDC and its preferred developer Grenadier Estates to re-consider the building of a Water Sports centre in such a prominent, environmentally sensitive location. For such a development risks destroying the vista from Orcombe Point and threatens the entire existence of the World Heritage Site “The Jurassic Coast”.

“No doubt South West businesses reliant upon Tourism and those whose jobs depend upon visiting tourists would also wish to raise their concerns with Cllr Skinner. Indeed in attempting “Regeneration”, Cllr Skinner through his cavalier and ill-considered actions may actually achieve “Degeneration” instead. What a legacy that would be.”


East Devon District Council’s response was … blah, blah, blah – best read it for yourself … predictable … developer led … etc