Political choices

… I’m aware that I am making assumptions about the causes of the fire’s rapid spread and we must all wait for the investigators to reach their conclusions, but the lessons of Lakanal House and other fires are well established. Stopping future fires is all about political choices. Brandon Lewis’s rejection of a proposal to make sprinklers compulsory for high rises in 2014 when he was housing minister was a choice. Cutting back on the number of fire crews, or the budgets for planning officers due to austerity, is a choice. An ideological aversion to red tape and the deriding of our health and safety culture are political choices and ones we should now think carefully about.

Housing minister Brandon Lewis’s rejection of a proposal to make sprinklers compulsory in high rises was a choice. …


One thought on “Political choices

  1. All spending decision are choices.

    Not spending on sprinkler systems is a choice. Giving local mansion owners a reduced council tax bill as a consequence is a choice.

    Spending £bns on a new rail line that no one wants is a choice. Paying nurses 14% less in real terms so they have to use food banks is a choice. Cancelling the grants that fund most social care for the elderly and frail and dying and vulnerable people is a choice. Attempting to privatise education by calling them Academy Schools and putting it to a vote without debate or manifesto pledge is a choice.

    In this case the choices are clear.

    Conservative Party – for the (rich) few not the (ordinary) many.


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