A tale of two seaside towns


BIG seafront development plans, unpopular with locals, lots of income for land-holding EDDC and big income potential, quick tender and choice of partner:


SMALL seafront development plans, popular with locals, almost no EDDC land- holding or big income potential, no tender, no progress:

Gung-ho Exmouth, inertia on Seaton

If anything illustrates EDDC as business-led rather than resident-led this is it.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two seaside towns

  1. The way EDDC is being run is supposed to be like a business ie think more income generation, reduce costs through ‘big society’. However they also fail to realise they are a public authority with many ‘non business ‘ ways and don’t have a flexible approach. Which quite often goes against their own aims as well as alienating residents. The teams on the ground are run from pillar to post at the whim of lower and middle managers with their own agenda and future career prospects firmly in their sights. (As might be seen in business).
    This is only my opinion.
    A lot of the staff with little say work very hard.


    • Agreed Andy, there are a lot of good people working at EDDC being sat on and suffocated by a handful of powerful bad people. We need whistleblowers.


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