Corbyn: is housing a right or a marketing opportunity?

” … Speaking to NME [New Musical Express] backstage at Glastonbury after his speech on the Pyramid Stage earlier this afternoon (June 23), the Labour leader said: “I think we have to recognise that what happened at Grenfell Tower is a game changer in our society. It’s a game changer about safety. it’s a game change about attitudes to housing – do we treat housing solely as a marketing opportunity or do we treat it as something that’s a human right and a necessity?

He continued: “I don’t think the fifth richest country in the world should see predominantly poor people burning to death in a towering inferno any more than it should tolerate people sleeping on the streets around stations. We can and should do a lot better. I hope this is a massive wake up call for the entire community and I’m calling on people to campaign like never before for housing justice. …”