Government is NOT making u-turns on safety but to desperately buy votes for the next election

Controversial government proposals to relax fire safety standards for new school buildings as a cost-cutting measure are to be dropped by ministers in a major policy U-turn following the Grenfell Tower fire. ...”

NO it isn’t about Grenfell Tower, or safety – it’s about saying and doing ANYTHING that might stop a Labour victory at the next election.

Should they regain a majority, they will U-turn on their U-turn just as fast as they can.

2 thoughts on “Government is NOT making u-turns on safety but to desperately buy votes for the next election

  1. Is it easier to just list what hasn’t been thrown in that ever growing grass. What a mess we find our Country in and what a sham of a wretched Government. Becoming more and more concerned about what is going on within our NHS. An area that is strong rapid growth with houses being built everywhere and they are cutting essential services. Why are our so called MP’s and some Councillors not fighting our corner. Are they fit for purpose???


  2. To say that our country is in a mess is an understatement.

    Economically a mess. Even if you discount Brexit, productivity is down, wages have been static or even falling for a decade. Our public sector borrowing is at an all time high despite years of austerity that were supposed to eliminate it.

    Practically all (if not absolutely all) public services in crisis. Most of them being privatised. Soon there will be nothing left for the Conservatives to sell off to balance the books. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people who cannot afford private healthcare or social care will DIE.

    Terrorist attacks and fires have exposed how the Conservatives blinkered thinking in pursuit of austerity cuts to fund their tax giveaways to their ultra-rich sponsors has left the public at serious risk of life and limb.

    The gap between rich and poor at a level not seen for centuries. (Forget the Tory taunts that Jeremy Corbyn wants to take us back to the 1970s – the Tories have already taken us back to pre-victorian times when it comes to distribution of wealth.) The poorest and weakest in our society have been kicked and kicked again by cuts to benefits and services – the poor are now destitute, the Just-About-Managing (JAMs) are now poor, the middle classes are increasingly becoming JAMs. Calling them the “nasty party” is unfair – because nastiness implies that they think about what they are doing to our society, when the reality is that the only people they think about are their rich sponsors (donors).

    Meanwhile, democracy is all but dead. Secret agendas (like privatisation of the NHS and education), playing favourites with funding to avoid embarrassment or curry favour has created a divided and divisive society. Breaking election rules is now normal, lying about their policies to win an election is done without a second thought, accountability is pretty much zero (when was the last time someone in a senior position resigned because of something they did or something they should of done but didn’t?) with all the bodies that helped citizens keep them accountable (like the Audit Commission) now destroyed. All Tory policies (like NHS cuts and privatisation) now seem to be bulldozed through by abusing the process and playing fast and loose with words – presumably in the hope that by the time we either: A. find out or B. vote someone else in, it will all be far too late to prevent or reverse it.

    Well – it’s an often-said truism that when you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging yourself further in. The Conservatives seem to have forgotten that completely, and are so desperate to keep power for themselves (presumably both to be able to complete their destruction of the NHS and education, and to keep Corbyn from power), they will get into bed with the loony right (who don’t believe in dinosaurs for goodness sake) ex-terrorists (likely to destroy the NI Peace Process and probably illegal given the Good Friday agreement – and of course another irony given their taunts about Corbyn’s attempts to get a peace dialog equalling terrorist sympathies).

    Being British is (IMO) about democracy and decency and integrity and having values and being compassionate to those in need – and Britain is IMO no longer British in that way. Honestly, I am ashamed of what this country has become under the Tories. More so since I voted for them for most of my life – so it is (in a very small part) my fault.

    I urge anyone reading this to think carefully about what they want society to be like – are you really so hard hearted and callous that you agree with what is happening? (But of course, unfortunately, I am likely to be preaching to the converted because that is the readership of the Owl’s blog. It is much, much harder to get this sort of message across to those who think the sun shines out of Theresa’s and Hugo’s orifices.)


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