And to add insult to injuries in the UK : the sixth richest country in the world

“Ambulances are set to be given far longer to reach 999 calls in a controversial bid to ease spiralling pressures on emergency services.
Handlers could be given four times as long to assess calls after a study of 10 million calls found too many cases being counted as hitting official targets, without patients getting the help they need. …”

(Source: Daily Telegraph)


“Patients would be turned away from GP surgeries when they get too busy, under plans to create a “black-alert” system for overstretched family doctors.

Under the proposals, which have the support of the Royal College of GPs, surgeries would be able to shut their doors on days when they believe they cannot provide safe care to any more people. …”

Source: The Times (paywall)


More people are unhappy with the NHS than satisfied for the first time in a poll of the public run by Britain’s doctors, and 70% say they think the health service is going in the wrong direction.

The growing public concern will be revealed by Dr Mark Porter, leader of the British Medical Association, who will tell his annual representative meeting in Bournemouth on Monday that the government is “trying to keep the health service running on nothing but fumes”. …”

One thought on “And to add insult to injuries in the UK : the sixth richest country in the world

  1. Just how many (more) people will die when ambulance targets are relaxed?

    Jeremy Hunt has admitted that 150 people PER WEEK die unnecessarily in hospitals because of their crisis – it may not sound like many, but that’s almost 8,000 avoidable deaths per year JUST IN HOSPITALS.

    Goodness knows how many more will die with “relaxed” ambulance targets. And don’t get me started about the so called “hospital at home” proposals being made by CCGs across the UK – for which there is no clinical evidence of its effectiveness and no assessment of the risks of not being in hospital when an emergency arises – which could result in tens or even hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths per year.

    Already official statistics show that 3rd-world Portugal (which comes way, way down in the rich nation league tables) has a better national health system than the UK.

    The tragedy of it is that this ambulance crisis (like all other crises in the NHS) has been deliberately created by Conservative Government policy. If the Tories stopped preparing for, and executing, their NHS privatisation plans, then the £10bn – £30bn PER YEAR (yes BILLIONS, not millions) spent on the administration of the “NHS market” (which doesn’t work anyway) could be spent instead on real health-care (like hospitals and ambulances) and there would not be ANY crisis in the NHS.


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