Surprise! Hinkley Point C costs rise say EDF!

“The company, which is the project’s main backer, said the total cost of the plant was now likely to be £19.6bn.

Hinkley Point C would be the UK’s first new nuclear plant for decades, but has been beset with budget problems.

A review of the project found there was also a risk it could be delayed by up to 15 months.

… The extra costs result from a better understanding of the design, supplier contracts and the volume of work, the company said.”

1. The extra costs come from desperate attempts to rectify breathtakingly serious design flaws.

2. If you believe the numbers above, you need your head examining!

3. Green energy costs are tumbling; if ever this dangerous white elephant gets built … it will be a dangerous white elephant that has sucked up vast amounts of UK money in infrastructure and development costs that could have been better spent almost anywhere else – except on propping up this government with the DUP.

And PS: our nuclear-very-very-friendly company bosses and developers that make up the majority of our Local Enterprise Partnership just LOVE this project – so there must be something wrong with it!