Clinical Commissioning Group – a sinking ship taking us with it

“THE Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Success Regime are both set to lose high ranking members of their teams.

Chief Executive of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan Angela Pedder and Chief Officer of the CCG Janet Fitzgerald are both set to leave later this year, while Chairman of the Eastern and Mid Devon Locality Dr David Jenner has already left his position after announcing his plans in January.

The CCG stress that the three resignations are unrelated and entirely separate cases.

Janet Fitzgerald asked to be released from her contract early due to ill health and will officially be leaving her role on August 4th. She was on a year long fix term contract and decided to end it early.

Angela Pedder resigned from her role as chief executive for the Devon STP on May 31st. Ms Pedder has worked for the NHS for 42 years and spent the last 18 months as chair of the Success Regime. She was at times labelled ‘Public Enemy No 1’ by angry protesters in relation to the closing of hospital beds across East Devon.

Following her resignation, Ms Pedder said: “I had always planned to rebalance working life during 2017, on reaching 60. The STP is a key element of the NHS Five-Year Forward View, which will see big changes to the health and care system in the years to come.

“Our plan is now sufficiently developed, with strong clinical and managerial leadership in place to take it forward.

“I feel privileged and proud to have worked for the NHS for more than 40 years. I have been pleased to have led the improvements the Devon system has achieved within the success regime and STP.”

Ms Pedder, who was previously chief executive at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, also paid tribute to the ‘dedicated’ staff and group leaders across the health and social care system.

Mrs Fitzgerald, who will leave her role in August, said: “It has been a privilege to work with a strong , skilled and committed executive team, who have not only been unfaltering in their support of me, but who will confidently lead the CCG through out next phase of development.”

Dr Tim Burke, NEW Devon CCG chairman, said Janet had had an ‘enormous impact on the organisation’.

Dr David Jenner tendered his resignation at the end of March, after announcing his plans earlier in the year, saying: “Life, it seems, has entered a different phase.

“This has caused me to pause; to consider how I can best use my time in future to benefit my patients, my local population and, I am not ashamed to say, myself and family too.”

Dr Jenner added: “My decision is unconnected with any dissatisfaction regarding my role or the direction of the CCG.

“Indeed, I have already offered to remain a ‘friend of the CCG’ over the coming months and you will probably still see me on the TV or hear me on the radio in my GP role.”

Pulman’s View from approached the CCG regarding rumours that Angela Pedder, Janet Fitzgerald and Dr David Jenner were all leaving the organisation following a passing comment from a regular contributor.

There was no information on the CCG’s website or social media regarding the three high profile members leaving their posts.”