If only Swire stood up for East Devon in Parliament the way he does for Northern Ireland

Question in Parliament 3 July 2017:

“Is it not the simple truth that, whereas the Democratic Unionist party has managed to obtain £1 billion from the Treasury to spend on the people of Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin—Gerry Adams and those at Connolly House who are refusing to re-form the Executive—will be in no position to ensure that their constituents receive an equal share of that money, because there will be no Sinn Féin Minister in the Executive, and the money will be spent either by Ministers in this place or by civil servants in Northern Ireland?”

3 July

Perhaps if he substituted “Local Enterprise Partnership” for DUP, Hinkley C for Northern Ireland and ” people of East Devon” for ” people of East Devon” for “their constituents” we might feel we had value for money from our MP – an MP who doesn’t think his post is even a full time job:


Less time hitting back at the woman who fired him and more of his – one of his many jobs – time on us, perhaps.

Has he forgotten that he is no longer a Minister – when he said he couldn’t talk about East Devon constituency in Parliament – and isn’t it time he remembered he is just an ordinary constituency MP?