“Secret government cuts sound death knell for NHS”

Owl says: and newspapers are only just finding this out when we have known it for months and months! Amazing.

“SECRET Government plans to impose “radical and rapid” spending cuts on debt-ridden NHS trusts will lead to cancelled operations, redundancies and hospital closures, the British Medical Association has warned in a new report.

The effects of the proposed Capped Expenditure Process could be “devastating”, says the BMA, warning maternity and A&E wards would be closed and waiting times increased.

Experts say the plans, which would impose up to £250million of savings across the 14 health authorities which have the biggest deficits, could sound the “death knell” for the NHS.

The recent proposals, which have been discussed with NHS managers across the country, have not been put out for consultation with public or patients, a decision which has angered health care leaders, MPs and clinicians.